There are 25 million fatherless children in the U.S.

That statistic is heartbreaking. What moves that statistic from heartbreaking to alarming is the fact that children from fatherless homes are more likely to commit suicide, abuse drugs, drop out of high school, experience teenage pregnancy, and participate in violent crime

The problem is that fatherlessness tends to be cyclical, especially for young men. No boy likes growing up without a father, but he doesn't know anything else. So when it's his time to be a father he just does what his dad did: He leaves. And the cycle continues. 

We can finish fatherlessness once and for all.

Man of the House was written to be a resource that equips young men to be the man their father never was. When you buy a Finish Fatherlessness tee, we'll donate a copy of Man of the House to a boy growing up without a father. Together, we can educate the next generation of fathers to ensure that we finally finish fatherlessness.